Friday, April 10, 2009

In Honor of David Bloom

This was sent to Melanie Bloom in honor of her husband David. David died at the beginning of the Irag war in 2001 due to a medical problem. This afghan was made using 6 inch sqares from contributors all over the United States and Canada.

For MaryLou Bland

My sister was having a lot of medical problems and this was sent to her back in 2004 I believe. Since my sister is very tall, Mother wanted to send her a larger comfortghan. So Mother made 6 of the extra 8 squares and I made the other extra two squares. This has become an heirloom for my sister as Mother passed away in 2007.
The heart border I added is an adaptation of a square that one of our very own members on HMB designed. The square is Adoring Hearts.

For Jasminemarie Soller

Jasmine was having some difficult times and this was sent May 21, 2008 to give her some comfort.

Contributors were Grace O in WI, Kathie S in KY, Paual P in FL, Sandy L in MA, Edith S in TX, Ginger B in CA, Karen W in PA, Kathy G in NC, Shannan R in MD, Sheila R in AZ, Marianne L in NY, and Carolanne P in NV.

In Honor of Matthew A. Commons

3/7/09 - This Comfortghan was sent to Matthew's father in honor of the sacrifice he made. It is my hope that this will bring his father some comfort.

Contributors for this were Raven in VA, Janet G of Michigan, Sheila R in AZ, Paula P in FL, Kristine if MD, Jill Ann C in Michigan, Joyce A in MO, Grace O in WI, John and Gloria C in NY, and Carolanne P in NV

In Honor of Leonard M. Cowherd

3/23/09 This was sent to the parents of Army 2nd Lt. Leonard M. Cowherd (22) for the sacrifice he made. I hope it brings them both some comfort.

Contributors for this were Paula P in FL, Sheila R in AZ, Kathie S in KY, Jill Ann C in VA, Janet G in MI, Grace O in WI, Rachel H in VA, Teresa K in MI, Gloria and John C in NY, and Carolanne P in NV.